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The Ultimate Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist for Professional Cleaners in Leeds
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  • November 11th, 2020

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Supplies Checklist for Professional Cleaners in Leeds

A clean office creates a long-lasting impression for both the employees, employers as well as any visitors at the premises. Maintaining cleanliness falls under work ethics as well. As professional cleaners in Leeds, if you are new in this industry, you should have the following materials and equipment in your baggage.

Here’s a list of few materials that you should own as office cleaners in Leeds:

High-Quality Cleaning Soap

The first step to starting as local cleaners is to buy hoards of cleaning soap. Cleaning detergent is the most commonly bought item in every supermarket. You could hoard loads of it since you would need soap at all levels of cleaning. However, there are several types of soaps you could buy depending on your budget.


The second most used items are mops. You would need good quality mops for cleaning. There are various types of mops meant for different purposes. Since you would be using them with water regularly, you should invest in good quality mops only. They come at all price ranges but you should not compromise with the most essential items in your bucket list.

Chemical infused cleaning substances

Bleaching powder is a corrosive substance that could be used to clean stubborn stains on the floor. Even though it is a useful material for quick fixes, it could be extremely harmful. Before you invest in bleaching powders, you should consult with concerned authorities.

Rubber Clogger

Clogging of drains is very common. The quickest fix, in case you have run short of soap, is using rubber cloggers. They come in very handy during emergencies. You should invest in all shapes and sizes to make complete use of all these items.


The most important item during the current COVID-19 situation is disinfectants. You should invest in a good alcohol-based disinfectant that kills germs. No disinfectant cleans 100% germs but if you mop and clean beforehand, you might achieve the best results with disinfectants.

Pro-tip for professional cleaners in Leeds: Taking your cleaning business a step ahead

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